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Take a moment to relax and recover, enjoy our healing services...


Zen Hotlomi Massage 
Our Signature Whole Body Massage with heat packs 
$85 60min*    $115/90min*     $145/120min*     $175/150min*        
**Purchase 10 hours (600 mins) for $600 (i.e. $ 60/h, the credits can be issued by the gift certificates and no expire date on it.)

While your body is immersed in the warmth of hot paraffin packs, our therapists use their hands and forearms to work on your body from head to toe.  

Our signature Zen Hotlomi massage promotes the concept of Yin & Yang balance by penetrating deep into the muscle tissues, while gently relaxing the mind.

The massage can be as soft as a gentle stream or as strong as a powerful waterfall, relieving physical and mental tension, and leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Four Hand Massage 
$125/60min      $190/90min    $250/120min     $310/150min     

Zen Hotlomi Massage performed by two of our practitioners. Together they will bring your relaxation to a whole new level! 

Couples Massage 
$130/60min (weekday)        $120/60min (weekend)

Escape the day to day routine, bring your sweetheart in for a couples massage that will put a smile on your face. Book your couples massage on the weekend and receive a $10 discount.

Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)
$90/60min      $135/90min

A combination of Swedish massage and corrective treatment helps relieve a wide range of physical imbalances. This therapeutic massage techniques will enhance your body's ability to heal and function while promoting relaxation. Available by appointment only.

Full Body Scrub

Sea salt& honey body scrub is applied to your whole body in a soothing way, removing impurities, stimulating circulation, and softening your skin, while the natural sea salt gently removes toxins from the skin.

Zen Footcare

Herbal foot bath, foot scrub, buffing, foot massage and hot paraffin mask leaves your feet unbelievably relaxed.

*Prices may vary when senior practitioners are requested